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Red Moon - Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle by Miranda Gray

Red Moon by Miranda GrayDiscover the cyclic powers of women ....

Red Moon introduces you to the four phases of the menstrual cycle through images from myth and legend and then, with the help of the ‘Moon Dial’, guides you to discovering the unique energies which lie in your own cycle. Understanding our individual cycles and expressing the creative/sexual/spiritual energies as they arise in the form they naturally take brings the freedom to realise our full potential.

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Red Moon - The Oracle

Messages from the Sacred Feminine within you

Red Moon - The Oracle by Miranda GrayArtwork by Julia Larotonda

This beautiful set of 41 cards and guidebook explores the deep healing, completing and empowering energies of the Cyclic Goddess.

Through this oracle She brings you guidance and wisdom, connecting you to the four goddesses so that you may realise your power and spiritual beauty as a woman and share these gifts with the world to create greater peace and love.

The accompanying book guides you through working with the cards for everyday help and support, for healing and balancing your cycle, and for living your life in harmony with the four goddesses. Meditating in your Womb Temple, creating your Womb Altar, and giving voice to the beautiful Archetype Affirmations all help to bring the teachings of the Cyclic Goddess into your life.

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Beasts of Albion Oracle Cards

Beasts of Albion Oracle Cards by Miranda GrayWritten and Illustrated by Miranda, the Beasts of Albion Oracle offers a unique and powerful divination system. Containing forty richly illustrated oracle cards depicting animals from both the natural world and mythology, the deck is intended to inspire connection to the primary animal archetypes that govern our everyday life, and the guidance to help the reader find their own totem animals.

Britain enjoys a long, rich tradition of animal lore that date back to the earliest times. Even today we see the fox as sly and cunning and the cat – with its ‘nine lives’ – as being somehow enchanted. The Beast of Albion Oracle shows readers how to harness the power of the animals featured in the deck, and how to channel it into improving the quality of their lives. The deck also offers insight into how the reader may discover their own animal totem and companion animal, whose strengths and abilities may be called upon in times of need.

The Beasts of Albion Oracle features beautiful portraits of all 39 of the featured beasts, including a blank card to use if required, while the accompanying guidebook presents a wealth of myth, legend and natural history for each of the animals. The guidebook also explains how to read the cards, using and the suggested spreads to identify their strengths, abilities and needs in particular areas, and how to explore the symbology of the animals on a deeper level by following the Spiral Path.

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Living with a Menstrual Teenager in Anxious Times: An empowering guide for mothers and caregivers
By Miranda Gray

Living with a Menstrual Teenager in Anxious Times by Miranda GrayMany Mothers feel the need for a guide to understand the menstrual cycle of their teenage Daughters, and in that understanding to also recognise how their own cycle affects them and impacts on their Daughter. This process is not a science – there is no instruction manual for you as a Cyclic Woman or for your Daughter, instead you need to view things in the light of caring and loving exploration and discovery. If you can understand how your Daughter is feeling then you can change your approach to be more empathic and more flexible, which will not only create more positive responses from her but also allow you to meet your needs as well as hers without confrontation.

This book will help you to navigate the challenges and build a closer and more harmonious relationship and living environment.

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Female Energy Awakening: The path of the Worldwide Womb Blessing back to Authentic Femininity by Miranda Gray

Female Energy Awakening by Miranda GrayIn this book, originator Miranda Gray shares the story behind the Worldwide Womb Blessing and provides new answers to fundamental questions for the modern woman.

  • Why the womb energy centre is critical to the well-being and happiness of all women, whatever their age or physical condition.
  • How the Sacred Feminine is relevant to modern women, and how reconnecting to this principle can lead you to a less stressful life.
  • How to fully embrace your femininity in a masculine-centred world that constantly disconnects women from what it means to be truly female.

The included 28-day ‘Path of Female Conscious Living’ is an essential guide to your true nature, and helps support the healing and awakening that occurs through the Womb Blessing.

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The Optimized Woman - Using your menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment by Miranda Gray

The Optimized Woman by Miranda GrayFor the modern woman who wants to create success and achievement in her work life, projects and goals, and to create personal fulfilment and well-being, in a uniquely female manner.

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Spiritual Messages for Women: Feminine wisdom for the menstrual cycle. By Miranda Gray

Spiritual Messages for Women by Miranda GrayA book that returns to us the secret of living a female spiritual life in a masculine world.

Does your heart cry out for a daily spiritual relationship with the Divine, but it just seems so difficult to hold on to? There is a secret female-only spiritual path.

Women’s natural spirituality differs from men’s spirituality, and yet we expect it to be the same. The key to our perception of and relationship with the Divine is our menstrual cycle. The Divine means different things to us in each phase of our menstrual cycle, and our relationship to Her, our spiritual needs and our spiritual expression change with each phase.

Spiritual Messages for Women offers daily inspirational, supportive and loving guidance in tune with your four cycle phases, showing you how to create and enjoy a wonderful loving relationship with the Divine every day throughout the whole month.

Dip into the sections once a day or throughout the day to reach out to the Divine and join Her dance.

See more: www.spiritualmessagesforwomen.com

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Red Moon: Goddess Teachings & Meditations for Female Spiritual Awakening

by Nicola Haslett, Samantha Redgrave & Miranda Gray

ed Moon: Goddess Teachings and Meditations for Female Spiritual AwakeningAn album of audio teachings

A very special and unique collection of teachings and meditations, designed to help women everywhere awaken the Goddess within and develop a deeper, more spiritual understanding of the female cycle.

For each of the four Goddess phases, you will find a 10-15 minute teaching by Miranda and 2 guided meditations by Nicola and Sam, to help you learn about and connect with the energies of that particular phase and Goddess archetype. You are guided to reflect upon how you experience each phase of your cycle and how you can begin to work with the changes in physical, emotional and spiritual energy, instead of resisting them, which leads to physical and emotional imbalances.

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